Outsourcing – Necessary Evil? 2

The dreaded word OUTSOURCING is back! Is outsourcing really that bad? Or again is it that good that it is made out to be?

Yes and No. Like any other option, outsourcing is a necessary evil that we need to live with. There are some short term and some long term benefits which have to be taken into consideration while planning for outsourcing.

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  1. Reply huckleberry Oct 3,2008 10:56 pm

    Outsourcing is great provided it is managed correctly. It is ideal where software development is concerned given that files can be transmitted electronically. A New Zealand woman, Lesley Gousmett, has harnessed the power of the internet by creating and nurturing a team of highly-skilled and talented developers who are located all over the world. Together they have created some powerful,database-driven web applications. One of those examples is http://www.popwebcity.com – this is a comprehensive community website which features a virtual city and mall along with a classified advertising section. The virtual reality graphics were created by a team member located in Romania. The database application has been a joint effort created by Lesley and team members located in Gujarat and Hyderabad and the website graphics have been a joint effort with team members in the USA and Bengal. The SEO and wording have been helped along by another member located in Canada. The key ingredients to successful outsourcing are clear and concise instructions and TRUST. A mistake many people like Lesley make is that they expect their programmers to be mind-readers and to understand straight off what the application they are trying to create is all about. Much of the outsourcing work is generally done by developers who do not have English as their native language and given the English language is full of ambiguities, it is important to explain things clearly and concisely. A background in software development is essential as is the ability to read and understand code as troubleshooting and problem-solving are paramount to successful development using freelancers. TRUST is without a doubt the most important ingredient. The Freelancer needs to be assured that they will be paid a fair rate for their work and the outsourcer needs to be assured that they will receive the work done to the specification required and on time. Delivery on time is often very hard to achieve but it can be assisted through regular communication and honesty between both parties. Another example of a website application created using this same virtual team can be seen at http://www.nzfoa-iris.com – to view the charts, which are live and contain real data, you will need the username ABCGUEST and password ABC – this allows you to view industry specific data about incidents which occur in the forestry sector in NZ

  2. Reply Irmgard Nitchman Apr 5,2010 7:53 pm

    This site looks good as it will save me a load of time crawling around for Outsourcers. here I post once and then wait for the bids.

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