Do programs like display ads and earn money really work? 2

Remember the last time when somebody said “You know what? You can just purchase a domain. Put some ready made pages” and earn while you are sleeping – without doing any work.

Grow up citizens. There is nothing like a free mean. Deliver good content and you will earn more. Adsense and such other programs which allow advertisers to display ads on your website are just enables for you to make some more earning from your website.

Never fall in for such easy money programs because you are sure to lose money. How would you feel that you were paying money for advertising your product and you get a thousand hits – all fake? Yes, when you simply join in such a program with the only aim of making money from the clicks you will get on the ads… its time you closed your site.

Find a niche, use your creativity – there are thousands and millions of unexplored ideas – and then use such a program to get some extra money out of the work you are putting up on the web and you will succeed.

Have you fallen trap to such a program
Earn from home programs that just take money and time without you earning a dime?

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2 thoughts on “Do programs like display ads and earn money really work?

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