How technology can help reduce costs…. 9

Yes, technology – whatever may be said about it, helps reduce costs to a great extent.
Some examples of how you can save costs using technology

1. Instead of meeting personally – do a web conference
2. Instead of writing a mail – email the content.
3. Instead of faxing a item – scan it and email it as attachment.
4. If you want to discuss – use a chat system
5. If you want to talk – use Web Voice chat facility – thus reducing your phone bills
6. Instead of PRINTING those costly brochures – simply convert it into a web brochure or as PDF and send it. This would reduce costs.
7. Where ever you know what you want to buy – use web shopping. This would reduce commuting time as well as oil.
8. There are many classifieds and listing websites available. Check multiple sites and find the best deal. Sometimes even second hand (or sparingly USED) goods are available at throwaway prices. Also you may find great deals at some upcoming websites too rather than established ones.
9. Showing those lovely pics – use a digital camera and upload them to a photogallery on the web. If privacy is a problem – you can find many secure and paid photo galleries online. This would reduce photo printing costs.
10. You can use a mobile phone to communicate. Hence try to do most of the sales or promotions via phone – if any of the above method is not possible – yet you will save more costs that if you were to personally go and meet someone.

Know of more ways of saving costs using technology…comment

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  1. Reply Huckleberry Oct 14,2008 11:41 pm

    Technology does save money in other ways too. Create a virtual office and run a team of developers from a home office! That is how a kiwi woman, Lesley Gousmett, from Rotorua, New Zealand has done it. I have just seen a press release, which is not yet released so Jaagare.Com has a real scoop. This woman says she has a team of very talented developers, and has never met any of them in person. They only know what each other looks like by exchanging pictures electronically. The team has been working together for around 3-4 years and together they have developed several, complex database driven applications. So not only does the team work in a virtual office but they also save money by working from home and with the price of petrol these days, that has to be excellent on the environment as well as saving valuable money in petrol. Technology has not only made the world a much smaller space but it has also allowed this talented team to work together and save even more money. Well done! By the way, check out their own website they have created together – – this will be an e-Bay killer. What it needs now is for people to pay the minimal membership fee of $20 which gives members 100 re-usable ads to use as many times as they want over a period of 12 mths. They have also introduced Dollar Drop Auctions – this is where the price comes down until the item is sold!

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