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Every second counts. Security of networks is a 24 X 7 job. With all the security, firewalls,┬álots of money spent on secure systems, anti virus, maintaining the same…is your network really secure?

No – there is nothing like a secure network – hence my title sec – curing – networks! You spend many valuable seconds of your life simply trying to secure your networks.

For any individual – Jaagare suggests the following.

  • Never – YES NEVER – keep a always ON internet connection. This will prevent attacks on your system when not in use and also prevent unnecessary upload / downloads if the internet connection is ON. As soon as your work is complete switch off the internet connection and any other connection to other networks.
  • Install a complete antivirus and preferably use a internet security suite.
  • Keep passwords at 2 levels on your system – when you boot up and then at the login screen.
  • Change your passwords at regular intervals. Preferably don’t use passwords of your names, close ones etc… easy chances of passwords being hacked.
  • If you see any suspicious activity on your system – preferably immediately disconnect the internet and run your anti virus, anti spyware and anti adware….
  • Purchase online only from known vendors and preferably websites that have the GREEN BAR on top – better know as secure sites.

If there are any other methods please discuss them over here…

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    Yes I agree with you!

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