Wake up to the "BEST BRAINS" around you!

Wake up guys! There are better brains moving around in the world than just the ones from the so called “PREMIUM INSTITUES”. Some qualities are there in a person right from birth. Some come in via experience. Just studying in premium institutes does not guarantee that the person has good brain and thinking power. There are many examples to prove this fact.

So put in your thoughts on how you can improve the development of a person and educate the entire world – how our world can move towards a 100% literacy. How can we go to the grass root levels and impart basic education to a person – so that he can read and write. A close to 100% literate world will help in reducing poverty, corruption, violence and the overall hatred amongst each other that we see today.

So come on and create a campaign in your area to make your area 100% literate. Each one teach one!

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