Wake up! the rich are getting richer – the poor poorer! 2

Yes, Wake up to the inequality around you. Create a environment where each and every citizen is entitled easy access for growth. Access in form of infrastructure, capital, better business policies and a healty environment for growth.

Why is it that when a big industrial group wishes to set up a industry he is given cheap land,  long term low interest loans and in many instances, even the policies of a particular region or zone are changed to favor his industry.

Where does the money come from? It comes from ordinary citizens like us. We deposit money in banks. We pay taxes to the government. It is the duty of any government to help ordinary citizens grow. Connect all cities and villages. Create equal infrastructure in cities and villages. This will reduce migration from one area to another and also reduce pressure on urban infrastructure.

Ordinary citizens don’t mind the rich getting richer… but at the same time do not neglect the public at large. Create a healthy infrastructure for them to grow. If there is a good and prosperous economy with many people with money it will reduce robbery, unemployment, and a host of other problems associated with inequality.

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