Wake up! Piracy is wrong….so are corporates who produce the product!

Yes, wake up to the piracy around you! Piracy as we all know is wrong. But what can we do? Is there a way out. My belief is that the producers of the software are responsible for the high rate of piracy.

Yes, reduce prices of software. Lower your margins and then all will start buying genuine software / music / video. A prime example is of a leading CD/DVD manufacturer who has started selling genuine video/music via their stores at low cost. Hence now all the titles released by them are being bought. This has reduced piracy in the titles they release to close to zero!

Another example of high piracy is in a GRAPHICS SUITE from a leading vendor who sells at high prices. Now say if they were to reduce the price of their suite from the $1500 – $2500 bracket and bring it to around $500 levels – it would result in many people shifting to genuine software. Manufacturers / vendors forget one simple logic – economies of scale. The more you produce, the recovery from each item you need is less. In the end say if they sell 1 million licenses at current prices where margins are say $500 it would result in total profits of around 500 million. Now if they reduce prices to around $500 and their margins are say $50 per copy sold and if they sell 10 million licenses then their total profits would still be 500 million, but now the corporate has a ready base of around 10 million licenses to target at next release. Now for each upgrade if they take say $200 and are getting a margin of just $50 again from it….they still make that amount.

So the crux of the matter is reduce prices – reduce piracy! both go hand in hand. ┬áThe earlier the corporates realise it, the faster they will get a share of the genuine market. It will help every one grow. The individual as well as the corporate. So join the movement against piracy – corporates start…public will follow!

One more way how the corporates can reduce prices is through ad based softwares. They have inbuilt ad system on their softwares and say a small window with an already installed ad would be there say it would pop up every time you complete 30 minutes of work. I think many users would not mind viewing ads if that helps in reducing prices of softwares. The only thing to be taken care in such ads would be that they are inbuilt into the system(would show up even without internet access) Then each time a critical update is installed – the ads can be recycled and a new set of ads can be installed! Any takers for this idea?

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