Can one really save costs by outsourcing smaller functions? 9

Wake up! Can one really save costs by outsourcing smaller functions?

Today we take a shot at Outsourcing – yes the dreaded evil. Who says so?… quite a few….

But what I personally believe is that all things that you do have its pros and cons. So one should evaluate all the parameters before taking a plunge at outsourcing their work.

One can really start of by outsourcing smaller functions – like transcription, typing letters, proof reading, making changes to your website and so on. What happens in these cases is that you could finish your days work and send across the work in the evening to your “Virtual Assistant”  so that the person can complete it and email it back to you so next morning when you are at your desk – your work is done.

The main advantages of outsourcing smaller functions is that it saves you a lot of time and overheads. In a typical scenario what would have happened is that you would have a staff dedicated to do such smaller jobs. Add to that the “OFFICE SPACE” they use, the other facilities like electricity, a dedicated workstation, insurance, allowance, holidays, etc… it adds up to a lot.

What I feel is that OUTSOURCING  “IS NOT EQUAL to” COST SAVING. Costs saved are only a bi-product of outsourcing. Organizations and citizens around the world should think this as a TEAM EFFORT. Its just a way you are helping each other achieve the main goal of any organization “GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY”.

If any organization starts focusing on OUTSOURCING just for saving costs, they would end up nowhere. QUALITY comes at a cost. QUALITY cannot be replaced. Outsourcing should be done with an intention to improve productivity of the organization and improve the quality.

Hence – small saving would earn big time especially for Small & Medium Enterprises. They can have people all around the world and build a team. This team is paid only on per job basis and in case one is not available we have a ready – easy to use – well built team in place which would act like any disaster management team – helping each other achieve the goals set in a faster, better and productive way.

Please share your thoughts on which sectors do you feel can benefit from outsourcing. What work could be outsourced. Also next time any organization comes and tells you – i m outsourcing as its saving costs… do point him ” ARE YOU SAVING COST + REDUCING QUALITY?” or “ARE YOU OUTSOURCING and IMPROVING QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY”….

9 thoughts on “Can one really save costs by outsourcing smaller functions?

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