Start Community farming and reduce food problems! 3

Wake up! Yes then next big thing after recession to strike citizens of the world would be “FOOD PROBLEM”. The earlier we trouble shoot it – the better it would be.  True when one says that there are people who produce the food for us then why re-invent the wheel. They will do their job.

But people are forgetting another major crisis that no one is yet thinking about :GLOBAL WARMING and how it will change the way things are done around the world and how MOTHER NATURE would have a effect on economies of various countries.

Now is the time to act. My basic advice would be to start small scale “COMMUNITY FARMING”. Plant some of the basic necessities that you consume everyday. You need not produce all what is needed, but say even if you can manage say 25% of what you consume, yourself then see the overall effect it would have on the economy of a country.

When you buy a produce from the market – there are many agencies involved. This not only increases the price of the product that you ultimately pay – but at times a lot of foreign exchange is also given to buy that produce from other countries. Self dependence is the order of the day.

So start being self dependent. Produce locally. Eat healthy, chemical free food. Save money. Contribute to the environment in a better way.

Please put in your inputs on how else we could create more produce.

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