Moving towards a global citizen – a single global citizen card! 7

Yes. Wake up! Wake up to the concept of a global citizen. A citizen free from all geographical boundaries but one – the universe.

What is a global citizen card?

Each and every citizen of the world is given a Global Citizen Card.

Each card would have the following details –

  • A Unique ID : Basically containing identification like Country / Region / City and a unique code.
  • Complete Name of the Person
  • Photograph
  • Complete Name of Parents of the person
  • Date of Birth and Time
  • Blood Group
  • Allergic To
  • Birthmark / Visible marks for identification
  • Complete Address with Country / Region / City and Pincode.

It would be integrated with a smart card – thus all across the world just by swiping the card any official could get all the data about that person and also useful in an emergency in case

This would need to be updated if any change in residence is made, but the ID would remain same.

The card would be printed on both sides one language being English and the other the local language in the place where the person stays.

Why is such a card useful?

Many benefits

  • One it would provide a complete snapshot of a person.
  • In case of emergency the data on the card could be useful for things like blood etc.
  • Each place where the person enters would swipe the card so it would be easier to track and trace a person

With so many benefits we should now move towards a global card.

Begin the movement for a global citizen card.

7 thoughts on “Moving towards a global citizen – a single global citizen card!

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    Thank you!

  2. Reply LOIDA Feb 19,2010 6:17 am

    Hey there! Great concept, but could this actually work?

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