Tata launches the Nano – worlds cheapest car – and in style

Yes, its finally here….after all the protests, all the hype, all the media following and the amazing number of hits on their website….tata finally launches the Nano – the words cheapest car.

Its been a long journey after the car was unveiled last January at the Auto Expo. As far as we can think of …no other car has granered so much people and media following. After all its a whole new segment the car was targetting.

Initially when Mr. Tata suggested about theĀ 1lakh car(appx USD2000 @ current exchange rates) all laughed at the idea. All said that it was impossible for some one to think that a good car could be made at that rate. When the idea came up, many in the industry said that if it has to have 4 wheels, doors, roof and an engine…all cannot be achieved at the said rate.

But as expected Mr. Tata has delivered what he promised. A car that would revolutionize the auto industry. A product that would be regarded as one of the best products which changed the dynamics of the industry. A car that fulfilled dreams of the “middle class” people of owning a car. A dream that was turned into a realty by Mr. Tata. Not only that…nano even passed all the required safety and pollution tests..

The Nano would have many credits to it… its a product revolution in itself. Such a product has never been tried before. It has it all… a spacious car, having good mileage, at an affordable cost and amazingly packed with features.

The Nano will be available in 3 variants – the Basic Version, CX and LX versions.

Digital Fuel Gauge & Tubeless Tyres are on all the versions. Rest of the features would be as per the variant.

The cost: Yes its close to the promised 1 lakh mark…the basic version starts at just over 1.12 lakhs and the top end version would be avalable at close to 1.7 lakhs

For the first time… you will need to pay for your application! As far as our knowledge goes – it would be a first of its kind wherein the application form would be priced…

We wish TATA NANO the best…

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