Why Dhoni and Harbajan Should not be given the Padma Shri Awards 12

Yes, its right. They have done it again! They might have got many cups for India, won many matches for India, may have been the new young blood of modern cricket – but in terms of MANNERS they get a BIG ZERO!

They Missed the Padma Shri Awards Function inspite on being in town (that’s what media reports suggest)

Remove names of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh from the list of all awards to be given. Then do not deserve one. When some one gives a miss to the Padma Shri Awards which is regarded as the highest honour and to miss something like that means that they do not deserve to get one!

Getting the award is regarded as a prestige issue and is given to the fortunate few and is treated with great respect and considered an honour. Had there been some extra ordinary circumstances which prevented them from turning up for the event could have been forgiven… but being in the city and “making use of the time for some quick bucks” (what media suggests) does not deserve any forgiveness.

Remove the names of the duo from the current list and also remove their names from future lists. In the years we have seen the “new gen” cricketers have forgotten what it takes to get to the top – now in the age of advertisements and endorsements – they have forgotten that sometimes no one remembers which ad you worked in or which product you endorsed – but they will definitely not forget that you gave something like the Padma Shri Awards a miss.

They should also be fined entire seasons earnings – 100% taxed so that in future all the recipients attend the function and treat the award with honour. Also in case they are unable to make it to the event advance notice should be given as to the reason and the authority must verify the genuinity of the reason and only if found suitable, the award could be taken at a later date.

Wake up citizens! Do not let such things in future. Start a campaign to make all people accountable and also no one should be above law and dis-regard a national honour.

12 thoughts on “Why Dhoni and Harbajan Should not be given the Padma Shri Awards

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