Why Congress and BJP should join hands and form the next government…a thought! 1

Yes…you are reading it right! This is just a suggestion and all thoughts from across various classes of society are welcome to comment on this idea. This is just an idea that we have put forward and in no way does it reflect the stand of individual parties that we have mentioned.

In an era of coalition politics rather than creating a jumble of multiple parties why can’t the two largest parties come together and form the next government. Based on results the parties got last time around Congress and BJP (both stand alone without any partners) got 145 and 138 seats respectively which totals to 283 seats. This would surpass the minimum needed 272 seats quite easily.

Why such a suggestion? The main point would be that only 2 view points have to be debated and discussed. Like “too many cooks spoil the broth” here there would be 2 cooks deciding on all issues.

Would there be clash of interests? Actually speaking some kind of understanding has to be made. Say it would be decided that the single largest party gets to select the PM the latter gets to select the deputy PM. Then there would be an equal distribution of various ministries based on percentage of seats won.

Would 2 types of ideologies get together? Why not? When multiple ideologies can get together why not 2?

Does such a tie up make sense? Definitely I think to the majority of the voters it definitely makes sense when 2 of the largest parties form the government as its them who they have voted for. It would create mass appeal to all decisions taken because it merges two top parties together.

Both parties have different ideolgies, different methods of planning and deciding but at the heart of it – both have the same agenda – growth of India.

In the long term – it also makes way for creating national parties – which think in terms of overall growth of a nation as against region based parties. Parties should now think beyond regions, castes and such other issues and think of providing infrastructure, growth, power, food and empower the rural economy to take India to the next level in terms of growth and stability.

So citizens please let us know what you think about this novel idea!

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