Shame! Voters who did not vote for the 2009 Elections! 1

Shame! Thats only one word that describes the voters who did not vote during the current elections thats going on in India.

With this all the voters lose their right to speak against elected members and what ever they do. Then they will not have any right to come to a television channel and shout on top of their voice that the elected member is doing nothing for them. Also its no use burning candles one day…and forgetting about it the other day!

Elections give a citizen of the country a chance to chose their leader who would represent their area in the assembly. The more the voting…the higher the chances of electing a better leader. With a dismal performance of close to 50-55% turnout in many parts of the country…its a shame on the people who think elections as “Holidays” and want to get around burning fuel.

For the next elections “Holiday” must not be declared on voting day. All the citizens who are elegible to vote should reach their office and show the election mark…else they lose that days salary. If the citizen is a student,etc. then some marks should be cut from their final grade. Only then will citizens come out and vote. Its not in to shout…its said barking dogs seldom bite…hence next time keep quite and vote…

Wake up or you will be left out…

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