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Earth Hour is in the news once again. But even though we at Jaagare feel strong about trying out various methods to save non-renewable energy, we are really surprised by the kind of campaigning for Earth Hour. All suggest saving Mother Earth and its resources by one way or the other.

But our kind request to all those who observe Earth Hour. Please do not light the candles.  All might be knowing how much heat, smoke and overall impact a candle would have on the environment. For entire details you can see all the technical details at –

Coming back to our point, our suggestion would be to observe Earth Hour in the morning / afternoon time rather than night 8.30!

  • First of all, that would mean no lighting candles.. as any way you would observe it during day time when light is ample.
  • Secondly, in day to day life, one could observe saving energy in any form,
  • by using less of your gas – guzzling vehicles and trying to walk down or at-least use.
  • Shift your lighting to LED or CFL lights.
  • Shift to energy efficient Televisions / Air Conditioners / Refrigerators and all those gadgets that we use in day to day life.
  • Constructing / using energy efficient buildings that help you use less of all of the above at-least in day times.
  • Use less paper / print only if necessary or keep everything on your comp. Do not waste paper, use those half used / one side used pages for scribbling daily items, etc.
  • Conserve water. Use rain water harvesting for your homes and help depleting ground water levels.
  • Take cloth carry bags for your super market visits. That would save a lot of plastic / paper bags.

Some points which we feel could be incorporated from the next Earth Hour

  1. Not printing info regarding earth hour but using emails to inform about the same
  2. Less Campaign – more should come from the heart. Hence, at grass root level there needs to be a change and a heart to conserve energy. This can happen slowly as people get educated about the effects of using energy indiscriminately.

Funny Note:

One of the most funny points we experienced was radio stations announcing that they are participating in the Earth Hour – but were transmitting their shows…

Do key in your comments on how else we could observe earth hour on daily basis.

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