Mobile Number Portability and why it is good for…. the marketing team! 1

So, finally after many months, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has finally seen light of the day! Consumers are cheering the move but are the telecom companies cheering? No. But, the marketing team for sure is! Why?

The simple reason being that now the “service” personnel will also have benchmarks set for them to stay in their job. Earlier, each time customers were lost, the marketing team got all the firing! No more… now even the “service” personnel will become equally responsible for each customer lost.

So what exactly is Mobile Number Poratability?

MNP is a facility provided by which a customer can change his / her Telecom Service Provider without need to change their mobile number.

How can I change the service provider in India?

The process is really very simple. This is what you need to do

  • First send an SMS from your mobile phone to 1900 in this format : PORT <mobilenumber> and send it to 1900. eg. your mobile number is say 5454545454 you type PORT 5454545454 and send it to 1900
  • Once you have sent the above message, you should instantly get an eight letter Unique Porting Code. The UPC would be in the format of AA999999 i.e first 2 letters would be Alphabetic characters while the remaining 6 would be numeric ones. There will be no “0” in the code.
  • Once you get this number, you need to go to the new service provider and fill up a User Subscriber Form along with a MNP form.
  • Once approved, the number would be ported to the new telecom provider. You will get a message about the day the process will be done. The mobile number would not be available from around midnight upto around 4 am during which porting would take place.
  • The total process of MNP would be completed in 7 days.

Wow is it really that simple to change my service provider?

Well in reality after you fill up the form at the new service provider, you will keep getting calls from your existing provider with their “latest offers”. Some users have also mentioned that their forms are getting rejected, even though everything is as per requirement.

hmm…ok, so if my existing provider is not co-operating what can I do?

If you existing provider is not co-operating or not transferring the number, you can register a formal complaint with TRAI( TRAI is in the process of also setting up an online complaint forum as well as mobile based complaint mechanism and the details regarding the same would be available on TRAI website soon

Now, after my porting request, existing provider is giving me better offer, can I cancel my request?

Yes, within 24 hours of your porting request, if you decide against porting, you can cancel the request.

Also once the porting is done, you cannot port the number again for up to 90 days from date of porting.

What is the cost of porting and whom do I need to pay?

Currently TRAI has set a price of  Rs. 19 as porting charge and to be collected by the recipient telecom operator. But as far as our knowledge goes, no one is actually collecting any porting charges.

I still have queries regarding Mobile Number Portaibility

Leave us a comment and we shall try to answer your query.

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