Why you should not use non-renewable energy

Non-renewable energy – a type of energy which is perishable in nature and cannot be replaced or reused by anyone. This topic has been opened up to discuss the disadvantages of using non-renewable energy and why a citizen of the world should shift towards cleaner energy or renewable energy.

Why vote during elections

A common question asked by many citizens in a county is SHOULD I┬áVOTE? The answer from all angles irrrespective of the country would be “YES or DONT CRY LATER!” A democratic country which allows its citizens to chose a leader from amongst themselves, and hence it is the duty of every citizen who has the ...

Outsourcing – Necessary Evil? 2

The dreaded word OUTSOURCING is back! Is outsourcing really that bad? Or again is it that good that it is made out to be? Yes and No. Like any other option, outsourcing is a necessary evil that we need to live with. There are some short term and some long term benefits which have to ...

Non-violence – Is it Relevant in todays world?

Is non-violence now just a world and a practice that is not preached? Was it only in the ages when people practiced something like this and could solve problems without any violence. I put this discussion open as to how non-violence can be used as a weapon by people.

About 2

Jaagare – means woken up. On this day of 2nd October, 2008 I bring to you a new world where everyone can connect with each other on how to wake up this world on a variety of topics. Today being, 2nd of October – also the birthday of Shri. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who taught the ...