Follow Earth Hour Daily! – But please dont light those candles…. 1

Earth Hour is in the news once again. But even though we at Jaagare feel strong about trying out various methods to save non-renewable energy, we are really surprised by the kind of campaigning for Earth Hour. All suggest saving Mother Earth and its resources by one way or the other. But our kind request ...

Wake up to the reducing NATURAL RESOURCES! 5

Yes we can do it! Try and reduce our dependence on certain NON RENEWABLE natural resources and increase dependence on RENEWABLE natural resources. Instead of taking your gas(petrol) guzzling vehicle – be eco friendly and walk down or take a cycle or use a PUBLIC transport. Governments should also help in increasing point to point ... – I have woken up…have you? 1

Wake up people. Wake up to the injustice near you! Wake up to the violence around you! Wake up to the corruption near you! Wake up to the unorganized system around you! Wake up to the pollution around you! Wake up to the deteriorating economy around you! Wake up to the reducing natural resources around ...

Why you should not use non-renewable energy

Non-renewable energy – a type of energy which is perishable in nature and cannot be replaced or reused by anyone. This topic has been opened up to discuss the disadvantages of using non-renewable energy and why a citizen of the world should shift towards cleaner energy or renewable energy.